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Pet Peeves, 2018

The Way I See it

April 22, 2018
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald's that time of the year again. John's annual "Pet Peeve's" column. A chance to get those little irritations off my chest.

I was looking up the definition of a pet peeve, when I realized I am an expert on pet peeves, (as I have so many of them). Pet Peeves are those small (and not so small) annoyances that just sorta bother the "bejeebers" out of you. We all have them and for the most part, there's nothing we can do about them.

They're sorta like that guy driving slow in the left lane on the interstate, they're just there!!! Or the guy not using his turn signal until he's half way through the turn. Or "Mr. My Pillow" guy. Or those habitually late people. Or..............well you get the idea!!!! Here are a few of mine. The major ones anyway....

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John Sheda

Right now my biggest pet peeve is APRIL SNOW STORMS. Not too fond of March ones either.

Standing in line, any line, is not one of my favorite things to do. I'm a patient guy..........Ok, I'm not.

Someone told me they hated a sink full of dirty dishes. Me? I just close my eyes as I walk by them.

Pro Wrestling! How in the world do people like this, ah, "sport?" Please tell me!!!

Does anyone really care to hear celebrities share their political opinions? Do they change your mind?

I'm not too fond, ok, not at all fond of the "F" bomb shouted our everywhere, especially in the movies.

Politicians who were paid by our taxes writing books. At least half their profits should return to us somehow.

Why should they continue to profit off of us?

Dislike the challenging of plays in pro sports. We don't expect perfection from the players, why should we from the officials? It's part of the game.

Speaking of refs and umps......a pet peeve are those who blame the loss on them. For "cryin' out loud." What about the incomplete pass, missed free throw or strike out????

People wearing their baseball caps backwards. Why? Ya look dumb. Never see a professional ball player wearing it that way during a game.

Hate those political arguments on Facebook. "Oh,yes, thanks for telling me all that. My mind is now changed." HAR HAR!!

Well, that's about it for me. And yes, I still don't think anyone, (unless medically required), should wear socks with their sandals.

I have plenty, plenty more, but space won't allow any more. However, I do feel better just getting all these little and not so little annoyances off my chest.

Let me know a few of your pet peeves at or call me at 319.327.4640.

Be blest and have a great rest of your week.



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