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South Tama Middle School Students of the Month for March

June 2, 2018
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Biographies by: Millie Mathes-Henle, Kaden Kopsa, Yoselin Garcia, MaCael Bear, Natalie Meek, Daena Gunderson, Miguel Medina, Jonathan Laguna

Madison Wiese (5th):

Congratulations to 11-year-old Madison in 5th grade for earning March student of the month! Her parents are Erica and Travis. She has one brother, Brayden. She has three cats named Charlie, Betty, and Sasha. She plays volleyball and her hobby is drawing. She describes herself as creative and caring. Her three best characteristics are that she is artistic, kind, and smart. Her advice to classmates is to try your best so you can get rewarded.

Article Photos

Top L to R: Draysen Henle (8th), Kayla Heck (6th), Madison Wiese (5th), Drayton White (6th), Amber Myli (7th), Anna Harken (8th)
Bottom L to R: Melanie Alonso (7th), Kadyn Jimenez (5th)
-Photos provided

Kadyn Jimenez (5th):

Congratulations to Kadyn Jimenez for earning March student of the month! Kadyn's mom is Michelle, his dad is Richie, his oldest sister is Kendra, his second oldest sister is Kalee, his youngest sister is Kinley, and his dog is Boo Boo. Kadyn's hobbies are games, drawing, and hanging out with friends. He describes himself as kind. His three best characteristics are kind, fun, and joyous. His advice to his classmates is to hang out with everyone.

Kayla Heck (6th):

Congratulations Kayla Heck for earning student of the month of March!

She is 11 years old and in 6th grade. Her mom is Amanda, her dad is Jason, and she has three brothers Kyle, Ethan, and Sam. She has three cats Oreo, Fluffy, and Snowball. Her hobbies are softball, baseball, volleyball, dance, horse riding, and showing cattle. She would describe herself as caring to her family and friends. Her best characteristics are that she is caring, responsible, and hard working. Her advice to her classmates is, "Don't talk when the teacher is talking and be respectful to other students."

Drayton White (6th):

Eleven-year-old Drayton White has achieved student of the month. He has five brothers: Logan, Koltyn, Breckin, Braxton, Loudon. His hobbies are baseball, football, golf, and wrestling. He is funny, active, and kind. His parents are Ashly Graff and Kyle White.

Amber Myli (7th):

Congratulations to Amber Myli for earning student of the month. Amber is 13 years old and is in 7th grade. Her parents are Adam and Amanda Myli. She has one brother, Phillip. Amber's hobby is reading. Her extracurricular activities are volleyball and track. She describes herself as quiet and friendly. Her best characteristics are that she is responsible, respectful, and nice. We asked her for advice to give her classmates and she said to focus on and listen to what the teacher is saying.

Melanie Alonso (7th):

Congratulations to Melanie Alonso for earning student of the month! Twelve-year-old Melanie is a seventh grader. She has four brothers, one sister and her mom and dad. She likes dancing and she describes herself as funny, weird, and caring. Her three best characteristics are that she is helpful, smart, and a hard worker. Her advice to her classmates is to be kind to everybody around you and to not care about what other people say. Congratulations Melanie!

Draysen Henle (8th):

Congratulations to Draysen Henle for earning student of the month for March. He is 14 years old his parents, siblings and pets names are Daneen, Dirk, Dalaynee, and Brutus. His hobbies are baseball, football and wrestling. He describes himself as funny, nice, and responsible. His best characteristics are that he is funny, nice, and respectful. His advice for his classmates is don't slack off and get your work done on time.

Anna Harken (8th):

Congratulations to Anna for earning March student of the month. She is 13 and lives with her mom and dad, two sisters, and two dogs. Her hobbies are reading and being a manager for sports at school. She is quiet, smart, and nice. She is kind and sticks up for herself and for others. Her advice for her classmates is to do your work.



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