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Five tips for summertime skin safety–

A guide to fun in the sun

July 8, 2018
From: Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield - Special to The Chronicle , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

As the temperature rises, it's tempting to soak up all the rays you can. But, sun exposure doesn't always lead to a glowing tan. After a few hours in the heat, irritating skin conditions can arise and disrupt your summer fun if not properly treated.

Enjoy the outdoors with a few simple, summertime safety guidelines from the American Academy of Dermatology:

Sunscreen is essential. Whatever product you use should include broad spectrum protection, SPF 30 or higher and water resistance. Even waterproof sunscreen isn't effective after being exposed to sweat and water, so it's important to re-apply sunscreen multiple times per day. And, don't forget to check the expiration date. If no expiration date is listed, discard the product three years after purchasing it.

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Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is important year round, but it's even more crucial when spending time in the summer heat. The average adult should drink between half an ounce to one ounce of water per pound of body weight. So someone who weighs 170 pounds should try to drink between 85 to 170 ounces of water. In addition to supporting all of the body's main functions, water also promotes hydrated and healthy skin, encourages weight loss and naturally increases energy levels.

Keep it clean. After a long day in the pool, make sure to shower immediately afterwards with a gentle cleanser and shampoo. Once your skin is clean, follow up with a fragrance free moisturizer. This helps prevent dryness and irritation caused by pool chemicals and any potential bacteria.

Beat the heat. Sweating can irritate the skin and, if not properly treated, could result in heat rash. Wear light and loose-fitting clothing, only exercise outdoors during the cooler parts of the day and keep your skin as dry as possible.

When in doubt, check it out. If you're experiencing serious or persistent skin conditions, many health insurers, including Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, offer tools that identify local doctors who can help you manage your symptoms. Wellmark members can visit to use their Find a Doctor Tool.



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