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Quentions Bandy letter; says Marquess will concentrate on positive

October 21, 2018
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

It is disappointing that Mr. Bandy's letter brings the negativism and nastiness of DC politics to our own home county. Mike Marquess can only assert that he is a registered voter in Tama County and a legitimate candidate for Tama County Attorney. Whatever steps Mr. Bandy feels he must take to challenge that is certainly his prerogative. However, Mike will concentrate his campaign on the positives - his qualifications and his goals after he assumes office.

Mike has the credentials and experience to be an excellent county attorney. First, his real interest is criminal prosecution although he has worked as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, giving him a full view of both positions. After graduation from Drake Law School, he spent ten years working as a prosecutor. He particularly enjoys working with law enforcement officers, for whom he has the greatest respect. Mike feels that those committing crimes need to feel the full force of the law and is prepared to see that happen. Without consequences, criminals have little reason to quit committing crimes.

Among his goals are to do more in the area of restitution. He feels that victims of crime deserve restitution and that restitution will discourage people from committing crimes if they know they also must pay a monetary price.

Another goal is to bring fine money back to our county. By the end of this year, we will have paid Benton County an estimated $100,000 for collecting our fines. Mike would prefer that this fine money stays in and benefits our county

Some people don't know Mike, but he is a very intelligent, friendly, and approachable person. Like many men, he is a family man who loves his family dearly and enjoys spending time with them. He has two children, Lily 11 and James 9. There will be folks who recognize those names from the popular Harry Potter series, and it's true - his wife Beth is a devoted Harry Potter fan.

One of the activities that Mike and his family do together in order to relax and have fun is to join other lawyer friends and attend a Comicon exhibition where attendees get to meet some famous people and see a variety of costumes because people dress in the costume of their favorite character. Mike and his family and his friends really enjoy these events. It has become a chance for quality time with his family.

Mike clearly has the credentials and experience to be our county attorney, and he has clear cut goals. Mike will work closely and well with law enforcement officers, and the people in this county will find him friendly, approachable, and a hard worker who strongly believes in the full enforcement of the law.

Mike certainly recognizes and thanks Mr. Bandy for his service to our country. Mike also hopes that the campaign will come to reflect the way politics should be, emphasizing the positive and giving voters a clear idea of what a candidate will do in the office he works to hold. He will appreciate your vote and promises to serve this county faithfully and well.

Donna J. Smith




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