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Negative campaign ads

To Take A Mulligan!

October 21, 2018
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

The "Good Book" tells us that we should strive to treat other people the way we would like to be treated. Good advice to be sure and other things like being kind to one another, being polite, looking out for the other person's feelings etc, etc, etc. And to top it off, from the time we were youngsters, we were taught please, thank-you, I'm sorry, etc, etc, etc. If we as kids and even adults acted in any other way, it was absolutely frowned upon. Why aren't politicians kept to the same standards?

Have you noticed all the campaign ads lately? Half-truths, half-lies and all those negative ads. The other day as I was watching something on TV, there were about 15 campaign ads in a short period of time and not one, NOT ONE, stated what the person was going to do if elected or had done in the past to entice a voter to vote for them. Nope.....all 15 were negative attacks on their opponent and if you believed these negative ads exactly as they were shown , one would wonder why all of them weren't in jail for illegal and/or unethical behavior. And it's not just one particular race either....IT'S BASICALLY ALL OF THEM!!

We wouldn't allow our children to behave this way. Why do we allow those who govern us behave this way? I guess because it works!! What a shame. And think of all the money being spent? Money that could certainly be of better use in so many other ways, don't you think?

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John Sheda

There is absolutely no scientific basis here at all but if you think about it, just exactly who are these politicians trying to cajole on to their side to get their vote? Roughly speaking two-thirds of likely voters are already on one side or the other, don't you think? A Republican is a Republican is a Republican and a Democrat is a Democrat is a Democrat. So that leaves just approximately one-third of the people that are undecided, right? I wonder just how many of those undecided voters actually vote!! And do the negative ads convince them to vote or do these type ads help perpetuate the apathy of these voters not to vote. Perhaps they think like my dad used to say....."Hell, they're all crooks."

I have no idea but just wanted to grumble a little bit about the negativity of campaign ads. And please, please don't even get me started on the Supreme Court hearings. Anyway, I just wish every once in a while we could "take a mulligan" and start over. Wouldn't it be nice sometime for a person running for office would only tell us who and what they're all about? What they've accomplished it the past and what they're gonna try to do if elected! Hah...........never happen, will it. Contact me a or call me at 319.327.4640 if you have a thought or comment.

There, I feel better!!!!



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