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In support of Brent Heeren

October 26, 2018
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

To the Editor:

Voters in Tama County have a clear choice in the upcoming election for County Attorney. Brent Heeren has my support and my vote and here's why: PRIORITIES and PROVEN RECORD. Brent has done plenty of ride alongs with law enforcement officers and he implemented an efficient and cost effective solution for handling collections which was approved by the Supervisors as a good deal for Tama County. Setting up a debt collection service in the County Attorney's office and riding around with police officers, however, are NOT priorities.

Brent's PRIORITIES are 1) helping the youth and children of Tama County, 2) protecting citizens from violent criminals and assisting victims, and 3) managing taxpayers' resources in a conservative, responsible manner.

Brent personally handles all juvenile court cases. This includes protecting children from abuse and neglect as well as holding juvenile offenders accountable to help them become law abiding citizens as adults.

Brent also works to bring career criminals to justice, expertly handling very complex and challenging cases. He doesn't cut and run from hard work. Years ago, Brent established one of Iowa's first Victim/Witness Coordinator positions to make sure the justice system prioritizes the needs of victims. He was presented with the 2018 Director's Medallion Award from the Iowa Department of Public Safety for outstanding investigative and coordinating efforts in a high-profile homicide prosecution.

Our family has lived, served, worshiped, and paid taxes in Tama County since 1982. Brent knows how to manage his office efficiently, keeping within the budget and still has the same number of staff as the day he started 36 years ago.

Brent has a PROVEN RECORD of fairness, expertise, and success. He's not a flashy politician who will say or do anything to get your vote. He really is just a hard-working prosecutor you can trust.

So, the choice for Tama County voters is clear: Brent Heeren is dedicated to SERVICE, not simply seeking STATUS.

Please join me in voting on November 6th to re-elect Brent Heeren Tama County Attorney.

Becky Heeren




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