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Happy Thanksgiving

Take A Mulligan

November 22, 2018
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Every Thanksgiving, people throughout the country give their thanks for all the good things in their lives. The usual, family, spending money, full refrigerator and a host of other essential things that everyone is thankful for. But putting all that aside, what are some quirky things you are thankful for. Those little things that are what best personifies your distinct personality. Those things in you life that make you.........well, YOU!! Here are some "out of the way" things I am truly thankful for and maybe the reason why. I am thankful for....

Summer campfires and roasted hot dogs. But the old fashioned way. Cutting a small thin limb from the tree and slicing the bark off one end, then sticking the hot dog (length-wise, of course) and roasting in as dark as you can stand it. Get the bun and smother in in mustard. Ahhhh, that's camp fire eating at its' best.

Every "Scrooge" Christmas movie ever made. Cartoon Scrooge, musical Scrooge, Old movie Scrooge, etc. Makes no difference but my all time favorite is the one that George C. Scott stars in. He was fantastic. This movie always warms my heart.

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All holidays. No matter what shape, size or form, I am thankful for Holidays. Human Beings need holidays! Makes life interesting.

Indoor Plumbing!! 'Nuff said about this. I remember the days back in the early 50's. Don't you??? Brrrrrrrrrrr

Growing up in the 50's & 60's. Greatest era ever, don't you think? Paisley shirts, bell-bottomed pants, The Beatles, Town Band Concerts, Saturday morning cartoons and of course, Dr. Max & Mombo. Anyone remember Marshall J before Dr. Max????

Growing up in good ol' Chelsea, Iowa. What a town! What great people.

Chili!! Thank you dear Lord for the invention of Chili. Nothing better on a cold winter's day than a bowl or two of Mom's chili!! Mmmmm Mmmmmm good.

A nice thunderstorm. Loved them as a kid and still love the crackling of the thunder and flash of lightening. Nothin' serious, mind you, just a nice cozy thunderstorm.

John Wayne movies. I'm so thankful God invented, (or created) John Wayne. True Grit, Rio Bravo, The Shootist and all the rest. Love my man, John!!

And finally, thank you Lord for the invention of "Salt & Vinegar" Potato Chips. I can eat 'em till the bag is empty and my tummy is churning.

I also am thankful for Iowa's four seasons, the first snow, Parades and EVERY SINGLE VETERAN I RUN INTO. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE.

So what are a few of your quirky things to be thankful for. How about making mud pies growing up or playing with cow pies???

If not, Take a Mulligan right now and think of some. Let me know at or call me at 319.3274640. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!



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