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South Tama Middle School October Students of the Month

Biographies by: Melanie Alonso, Elysio Alvarado, Emma Harwick, Kortney Babinat, Raymond Behrends, Haydin Branan, Ditsha Chaudhari, and Riley Grimes

December 20, 2018
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Carver Cecak (5th)

Congratulations to Carver Cecak on earning student of the month for October. His parents are Shasta and Chris Cecak. Carver's siblings are Travis, Serenity, Alyssa, and Jeremy. He enjoys playing soccer in his free time. Three of Carver's best characteristics are that he is funny, friendly, and nice. Carver's advice to his classmates is to focus in class and try to be positive. Congrats Carver!

Belle Werner (5th)

Article Photos

Top L to R: Mollie Wobeter (8th), Emily Carnahan (6th), Belle Werner (5th), Maeley Elsbury (7th), Daniel Wiese (7th), Amber Mylie (8th), Cody Blocker (6th) Bottom: Carver Cecak (5th).
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Belle Werner is a 10 year old in the 5th grade. Belle's family members are her mother Michelle, her father Eric, and her older sister Hope. She also has a dog named Toby. Belle is in gymnastics, tennis, golf, volleyball, and softball. She is also in 4H that helps the community. Belle's favorite hobbies are drawing and painting and anything that has to do with art. She also likes to decorate things. Belle said her best three characteristics are being funny, smart, and beautiful. Her advice to classmates is to always try your best.

Emily Carnahan (6th)

Emily Carnahan is an 11 year old girl in the 6th grade here at the South Tama Middle School. She has been chosen as student of the month because she expresses a kind manner towards everyone around her and she also pays attention and does her school work. Her family includes her mother Sue, father Mike, and her pet named Jasper. Emily's hobbies include archery, dance, reading, drawing, and she also plays the trumpet and piano in her free time. She believes she is funny, smart, and caring. Her advice to her classmates is try to be nice to everyone around you.

Cody Blocker (6th)

Congratulations to student of the month Cody Blocker. This student showed respect, responsibility, and was prepared. Cody is in 6th grade and he is 11 years old. He lives with his mom and dad, and his hobby is football. His 3 best characteristics are that he is kind, helpful, and responsible. His advice to classmates is to be responsible.

Daniel Wiese (7th)

Congratulations to Daniel Wiese on getting student of the month for October. Daniel is a 13 year old 7th grader. His parents are Dave and Beth Wiese. Daniel's siblings are Sydney, Matthew, and Molly. He enjoys playing basketball, baseball, football, and video games. Three characteristics that describe Daniel are that he is respectful, responsible, and nice. Daniel's advice to his classmates is to be respectful to your teachers and work hard!! Congrats Daniel!

Maeley Elsbury (7th)

Maeley Elsbury was one of South Tama Middle School's student of the month for October. Maeley is a 7th grader and is 12 years old. Maeley's mom is Brintley, her dad is Danny, her sister is Autumn, and her brother is Bowen. She has a dog named Ivy and a cat named Sprinkles. Maeley likes to go hunting, be outside, and play with her dog. Maeley is brave, an outside person, and respectful. Maeley also has some advice for her classmates. She says to listen to your teachers, do what the teachers ask, be respectful, get your work done on time, and try to make new friends.

Amber Myli (8th)

One of the student of the month was Amber Myli. She is in 8th grade and 14 years old. Her mom is Amanda, her dad is Adam, and her brother is Phillip. She is in track, band and choir and she likes reading and volleyball. Her three best characteristics are that she is kind, smart, and very caring. Her advice to the other students is to do your best and get the work done!

Mollie Wobeter (8th)

I interviewed Mollie Wobeter, a 13 year old girl, in the 8th grade. Her family consists of six members; her mother, Lindsey Killian, her father, Clint Wobeter, her brother, Ayden Wobeter, and her step-siblings, Ally Killian, Madi Killian, and Clayton Killian. Mollie has two dogs, a shitzu, Rosabelle, and a chocolate lab, Emie. She plays two different types of volleyball, school, and AAU volleyball. She also likes to run track. Mollie describes herself as athletic, fantastic, and smart. Her advice to fellow classmates is to try to be more mature.



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