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Czech List for a Happy New Year

December 30, 2018
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

The Rev. Michael Noland will be contributing a column for publication in The News-Herald. This is this first installment.

I'm New Year's Resolutions-Challenged! I made a vow with myself (an important component-good grief-don't make this public) to lose 20 lbs. but gained 10, instead! I also resolved to save more money, but spent much more, instead!

But this year, I've got it figured out-it's all in my brain. I'm determined to think differently. I'm going to make a list of things I really need to work on in my brain. Topping my list is smiling! Smile more! Either folks will think you're up to something-or not, but smiling does make others smile. So, smile!

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Rev. Michael Nodland

Second, is encouragement! Years ago managing a business, employees would "tell on each other" and complain about someone. I instituted a policy that they could only tell good things on another-catch someone in the act of doing something good. Their reward: both employees (the "good snitch" and the "snitchee") got an ice cream cone at their next break! It nearly broke the bank, but close relationships between workers grew.

Third, be patient! We've not all arrived-we're all just travelers on the same journey.

So, smile, encourage and be patientGod loves you!

Pastor Mike Nodland

Clutier Community Church and

Vining Christian Fellowship Church



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