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Life’s little (and not so little) annoyances!

Take A Mulligan

January 27, 2019
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Just for a quick clarification, this is NOT my annual "pet-peeves" column, which by the way will be around our celebration of April Fool's Day. So if you have any specific and personal pet peeves of your very own, you can let me know what they are if you so desire. No, today's column is just some of those little annoyances in life that should have an explanation but don't. Here are some of mine........

Did you watch the football games last weekend? Several things bug me here. First, the game has the human element and we let the highly paid professionals make mistakes but expect absolute perfection from the officials. They are human and make mistakes so get over it. The game challenges, super-slow instant replay in all the sports have turned the game into too much of a "perfect science" which it will never be, (due to the human element). With that being said, in the Chief/Patriot game, how in the world does a professional football player, (he's probably been playing since Junior High), line up off-sides? I know it's an imaginary but still.............Can't he just look down and see the football and how all his team-mates are lining up? It cost the Chiefs the game!!

Now that we got football out of the about some Political annoyances??? Did you know that for the first time in history more than half the members of Congress are "millionaires?" Over half! And for schumcks like you and me, only about 1% of us are millionaires. They talk about the top 1% all the time and it's THEM!! Yea, yea, we're in the1% too but a whole different kind of 1%. So here's my question...............HOW IN THE %$^# DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT WE'RE GOING THROUGH???

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John Sheda

Speaking of politics, a friend of mine hates the word "compromise" but it's the general and unwritten rule in the world of politics. Look at what's going on today in Washington. It's just a political game to them, their political party pride and their spoiled nature. Both sides!! FOLKS WE NEED, NEED, NEED AND MUST DEMAND "TERM LIMITS."

Ok, so maybe my annoyances are not that little!!! Ha ha ha. But I have several more.............

Does anyone have a problem with those, ah, er.....intimate male problems ads on TV? Now they have one about the shape of your, er, ah, know!! But do they have to show a crooked carrot to get their point across???? Geeesh. Watching TV with my daughter and grand-daughter the other night and there's the carrot in all its beautiful crooked condition!!!!

Speaking of commercials, I know they're not supposed to be any louder than the show but they are, aren't them? Oh if only I was Dictator of the World!!!

Why do people wear their baseball caps backwards? I've never understood it. Doesn't look all that great but everyone wears them that way.

Last one.......................What exactly is the reason there are Yield signs and Stop signs? I understand the literal reason but isn't a driver just as responsible going through a yield sign as he is through a stop sign?

There ya go! Just several of those little things that annoy me. But you will be very happy to hear.........YOU DO NOT ANNOY ME AT ALL! Let me know if I annoy you at or call me at 319.327.4640. Actually I love to annoy people from time to time.............just ask Deb!!!



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