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December South Tama Middle SchoolStudents of the Month

January 30, 2019
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

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Jaden Castanon, Ditsha Chaudhari, Samarra Archambeau, Raymond Behrends, Arro Lyons, Mollie Wobeter, Gabe Carrillo, Autumn Ruckman

Vanessa Veit (5th)

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South Tama Middle School December, 2018 Students of the Month- L to R: Vanessa Veit (5th), Joseph Withrow (8th), Kamea Blackcloud (5th), Yoselin Garcia (7th), Itzel Herrera (8th), Wyatt Silhanek (6th), Phillip Myli (7th), Emmalee Ragsdale (6th) -Photo provided

Vanessa Viet is a 5th Grader with an amazing attitude and awesome personality. Vanessa lives with her parents Janelle and Andrew. She has two siblings, Lauren and Vinley. Her hobbies are playing volleyball and cooking. She is athletic, kind, and supportive. Her only advice for her fellow classmates is to be kind to others. Good job Vanessa!

Kamea Blackcloud (5th)

Kamea Blackcloud is in 5th grade and is the Student of the Month for December. She is 11 years old and lives with her two sisters, her dad, and her aunt. Her hobbies are playing videos and playing basketball. Her best traits are her intelligence and her kindness. Her advice to her classmates is to always be on task.

Wyatt Silhanek (6th)

Congratulations to Wyatt Silhanek for being chosen for December's Student of the Month for South Tama Trojans. Wyatt is in 6th grade he is eleven years old. His parents are Roy and Sarah Silhanek. He has one older sister and one younger brother. Wyatt has plenty of animals. He has one dog, one horse, one cat, two goats, and a lot of chickens. His hobbies are shooting and playing outside. Wyatt is intelligent, outgoing, and handsome.

Emmalee Ragsdale (6th)

One of the Students of the Month at STC middle school is Emmalee Ragsdale. Her parents, her brother Caleb, and her sister Cassie, must be very proud of her. She is in 6th grade and is 12 years old. She likes cooking and softball and she is also very good at reading. Her advice towards her classmates is to be nice to your teachers.

Yoselin Garcia (7th)

Congrats to Yoselin Garcia for earning Student of the Month for December. She is in 7th grade and is 12 years old. Her parents are Rita and Antonio Garcia. Her siblings are Rubi, Rosie, Kimberly, and Kassandra Garcia. She is very kind, responsible, and independent. She loves to cook and draw in her own time. Her advice to her peers is to keep working hard to reach your goals.

Phillip Myli (7th)

Congratulations to Phillip Myli for earning student of the month for December. Phillip is in 7th grade and is 12 years old. His parents are Amanda and Adam Myli. Philip also has a sister named Amber. He likes to play sports. Phillip's three best characteristics are that he is funny, smart, and weird. His advice to his classmates is to stop talking so much when you're not supposed to be.

Itzel Herrera (8th)

Congratulations to Itzel Herrera for earning the Student of the Month. Itzel has three family members, her mom Norma Herrera, her dad Ramiro Herrera, and her sister Gisselle. She is 14 and likes to read, listen to music, and draw. Her best characteristics are her goofiness, her care for others, and her intelligence. Her advice for classmates is to treat others the way you want to be treated and to try your hardest.

Joseph Withrow (8th)

A fellow 13-year-old 8th grader is Joseph Withrow. He lives with Jacob, Jonathan, Alexia, and Mom and Dad. His pets named Athena, Zeus, and Thor. Joseph has interesting hobbies, which are playing video games, playing outside with his brothers, and reading and hanging out with friends. His best characteristics are being nice, kind, and smart. "Try your best and you get your homework done," says Joseph.



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