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Now is the time!

Chronicle Guest View

February 6, 2019
By Jim Little , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

As a science teacher I understand that you are officially dead when your heart stops beating. As a human being why would you not be recognized as being alive when your heart starts beating?

For 200 years this nation of men and women recognized this fact. In 1973, a vote of 7-2 legalized murder. I do not know their names nor do I what to. Since that moment over 70,000,000 (million) babies have been killed - murdered - executed destroyed, aborted . abortion. Choosing the word that sounds least cruel does not change the outcome.

The Thorndike - Barnhart Junior Dictionary defines MURDER as...the unlawful killing of a human being when it is planned beforehand.

I love kids, grandkids, students, parents, seniors had babies. In the last 45 years American women have taken the lives of the unborn in numbers equal to the population of the State of Iowa some 18 (X) times. Guns, drugs, alcohol, suicides, accidents, weather aren't close to the loss of the unborn.

Do you need a just cause to fight for? Is there anything in you that wants to be a hero?

How about saving a life? Now is the time!You were put here for such a moment as this!

1. Let your voice and heart be heard.

2. Remember that action speaks louder than words.

My next grand baby is due in three weeks. I'm dedicating this article to him with all my love.

Grandpa Jim Little

Jim Little is a retired South Tama school teacher.



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