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Hey, that offends me

Take A Mulligan

February 24, 2019
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Being offended is a bit of a national pastime.We live in a world in which we're told that everyone is entitled to their opinion, you're cool as long as no one is getting hurt and everyone can be right no matter what. Until two people have different opinions, and then it becomes a battle of who is more right. Well, to set the record straight, I'm offended by a number of things too and here are just some....

As I was working on this column just now, my phone rang and it was an important call about my credit card interest rate or my car warranty and this was my last opportunity to get in on their great deal. I'm offended that I really don't think it's going to be my last opportunity. They shall call me again tomorrow.

I'm also offended that when I push the "remove me from their list," they don't really mean it. They're all just sitting eating donuts, drinking coffee and laughing at me.

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John Sheda

I'm offended I'm going bald. No fair, I say. I demand compensation or at least an apology. Who do I contact?

I'm really offended at Feminism. I don't know exactly why simply because I'm not exactly sure what Feminism is. Can I be a Feminist? That's what really offends me.

Another thing that offends me is that you think you're opinion is important. How can it be since it's my opinion that's important. Unless we agree of course.

I'm offended that I'm white, (is it ok to say white?), and to top it off, I'm a man to boot. And I go to church too. Boy, am I offended that I offend practically everybody.

I'm offended, (quite seriously now), that people now-a-days are just looking for a reason to hate. When did all this hatred start and where did it all come from?

John Lennon sang a song years ago......"Give peace a chance." Jesus spoke about peace and love. The Bible talks about the "fruit of the spirit" which includes love, peace, joy, patience, meekness, gentleness, goodness, temperance and faith. Then again, maybe this offends you. Let me know at or call me at 319.327.4640. But please don't offend me!!!!



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