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What’s wrong with voting?

March 22, 2019
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

What's wrong with voting? Why want to discourage it? A current bill in the Iowa legislature requires that a voter's signature be checked to see if it is the same as previous signatures. Yet people's handwriting changes due to illness and age, and no provision is being made to hire handwriting experts.

The bill also cuts down access by closing the polls earlier. This means that people who had an unexpected change in circumstances requiring more of their time have even less time to vote. Also, sites for voting are being limited. Now, government buildings cannot be used as polling places. This affects college students at ISU, UNI, and U of I who can no longer vote on campus. (Students at private schools would not have a problem).

Now instead of an absentee ballot being valid if it is postmarked by the election day, the ballot, itself, must be received before the election. A recent occurrence had mail delivered to me 12 days after it was postmarked. It had languished in Des Moines for days and then went to Kentucky. Although this is rare, it happens, and it is totally unfair to the voter who mails his ballot in a timely manner but whose vote is cancelled because of a mail problem.

Over $250,000 was spent to find 8 cases of voter fraud out of the 1.6 MILLION votes in 2018. Another expense is an approximate one millions used for voter ID cards for those needinq identification to vote. That would be over $156,000 per fraudulent voter. (And some of these were felons who simply did not know they could not vote.) An entire voting populace is affected by 8 people.

A suggestion - instead of spending money adding hurdles, use that money to test the thousands of rape kits that have sat untested for years. It seems a better priority for the money.

And finally, we should find ways to encourage voting rather than ways to make it more difficult. Votinq is the basis of a truly representative government.

Anne Michael




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