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February South Tama Middle School Students of the Month

April 1, 2019
Special to The Chronicle , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Biographies by: Samarra Archambeau, Kortney Babinat, Ditsha Chaudhari, Jose Demetrio-Ortega, Leila Ellis, Madelyn Graff, Cassandra Klostermann, Ajaylah Zody

Dacia Mikesell (5th):

Congratulations to Dacia Mikesell on earning student of the month for February. Dacia is an 11-year-old 5th grader. Her mom is Krystol and her stepdad is Andrews. Her dad's name is Barth. Dacia's siblings are Vayda and Jack Walter and Lynk Mikesell. She enjoys playing soccer, hanging with her best friend, and drawing. Three characteristics of Dacia are that she is weird, funny, and happy. Dacia's advice to her classmates is to be yourself because if you aren't you will have fake friends!! Congratulations Dacia.

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Nazaret Carrillo (5th):

Congratulations to Nazaret Carrillo for earning student of the month for February. Nazaret lives with here mom and dad, Alma and Alejandro Carrillo. Nazaret has four siblings, Gabriel, Adan, Alejandro, and Shaquille. She also has a dog named Bengy. Nazaret enjoys drawing in her free time. She also picks up a little bit of basketball. Nazaret is friendly, very helpful, not to mention she's beautiful. Her advice to others is, "treat others the way you want to be treated".

Kylie Husak (6th):

Kylie Husak, has earned student of the month for February at the STC Middle School, so congratulations to her! She is currently 11 years old and in 6th grade. Her parents, and sister are very proud of her. She is very nice, smart, can be shy sometimes, but is still great. She is in band and also loves reading. Her advice to her classmates is to always be nice, because someone could be going through a rough patch right now. Congratulations again, Kylie.

Grant Reece (6th):

Congratulations to Grant Reece for earning student of the month. Grant is in 6th grade and is 11 years old. Grant lives with both of his parents and has one sibling. Grant's favorite hobbies are drawing and building things. Grant describes himself as brave, smart, and creative. His advice to his classmates is to listen to the teachers and respect others.

Arianna Herrera (6th):

Arianna Herrera is a 12-year-old in the 7th grade who is an exceptional peer and classmate and for that she earned student of the month. Here are some things about Arianna. Arianna lives in a household of three people, her mother (Aidee), her brother (Jose), and her grandmother (Maria). Things Arianna enjoy doing in her extra time or her hobbies are cooking and reading but when summertime comes she plays a lot of basketball in her free time. I asked her what she thought her three best characteristics were and she said, "Nice, kind, and caring". I agree with her. Finally, she was asked to give some advice for her classmates and she responded with "to try hard in all of your classes and if you're ever stuck on something ask your classmates or teachers."

Natalie Meek (7th):

Congratulations to Natalie Meek for receiving students of them month for February. Natalie is a 12 year old in 7th grade. Her parents are Brad and Gail Meek. She has three sisters, Alexis, Kailee, and Olivia, and has a dog named Herky. In her free time she enjoys playing volleyball, running track, and dancing. Three of her best characteristics are nice, athletic, and friendly. Natalie's advice to her classmates is to do what you're told. Congrats Natalie!!!!

Pedro Nunez (8th):

Congratulations to Pedro Nunez for receiving the award of Student of the Month for the month of February. Pedro is 14 and in 8th grade. Pedro's family includes Pedro, Tony, Eva, Pedro, and Zhoe. Pedro's favorite hobbies are playing Fortnite and being active. He is funny, athletic, and a smart kid. Pedro's advice to his classmates is to be on your best behavior and listen to your teachers. Congratulations Pedro!

Jimena Nunez (8th):

Jimena Nunez lives with her mom and dad and sister, Elizabeth, Agustin, and Perla. Her favorite things to do are dance academy, play in band and participate in TAG. Jimena is very smart, quiet, and kind. Her advice she has for her fellow classmates is to always retake tests and/or checkups. Congratulations Jimena!



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