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Pet Peeves #2

Take A Mulligan

April 14, 2019
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Many called or emailed me last week and complained that I promised another "Pet Peeve" column. I got the message loud and clear, so here ya go.......Pet Peeves, 2nd Installment!!!

Randy reminded his loved ones that when one runs out of toilet paper, the proper etiquette is to replenish it. Geeeze, he says.

Susan doesn't like those "know-it-alls." It bothers her 'cuz she already knows it all.

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John Sheda

Mike hates it when he tries to remove his sweater and the shirt underneath comes off too.........or close to it. What a visual!!!

Political one here: Bill thinks it's crazy that people are wanting to out-law large sodas but not abortion. "Crazy society" he bemoans.

Linda thinks everyone should turn their clothes inside out before tossing them in the clothes hamper. Really????

Larry loathes hard butter and too loud of music in the movies.

Theresa thinks it's not right that commercials are ALWAYS louder than the show. "Stop it" she screams.

Larry also wonders why when boarding an airplane, why don't they start from the back seats and work up. Good idea Larry. I acquiesce.

Tammy thinks to many people leave off the extra "o" when using the word "too." I think I just did that.

Sandy gets upset when she donates to an organization and then about 50 more letters come in asking for money.

Roger despises it when a guy speeds ahead in a lane that's about to close and then tries to wedge his way in. "Not in front of me buddy" he shouts.

Janet hates all the wasted food that people throw away, especially at those buffet places. Take what you can eat fella!!! No more.

Mary doesn't really enjoy when people don't put sheets on their beds. My question--Mary, how do you know????

Jeanne dislikes people who come to her and say, "I'm not supposed to say anything but......" And then proceeds to tell her.

Well that's it for another year. Now I'm looking for the many things YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR OR THOSE THINGS/PEOPLE YOU APPRECIATE SO MUCH. Have a good weekend.

Let me know at or call at 319.327.4640. Be blest my friends. I'm rooting for Virginia to win the NCAA Championship.



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