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Quentions Rep. Fisher, Iowa Juvenile Home plans

April 18, 2019
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

I read in the paper the fix is finally in, actually its been in since day one.

Just like in the Movie "Chinatown", the Republicans have duped the public's where their fat cat republican sponsor get the Juvinale Home lock stock and barrel.

What Dean Fisher doesn't realize is we need more "skilled" workers not unskilled workers of which he maintains could benefit from a potential single family homes at the site. (Right)

Gee exactly how could we get more "skilled" workers.

What about an Engineering College at the Iowa Juvinale home. Yes Virginia, the state should (and can) fund it, reaping back many times their original investment.

Dean Fisher laments the budget mess of the Democrats when he came into office but hasn't everyone benefited from the far seeing investments the wind energy vision of the Governor Vilsack. With an emphasis of sustainable energy technology a far sighted vision, might pay off huge not only for our grandchildren but their grandchildren to curb out of control global warming.

Or we can keep, the short term interests of the Republicans, where 95 percent of our corn is consumed by animals, making a vicious circle, though a short term profitable one, for the Republicans and their cronies.

John Anderson




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