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Here Comes the Sun

April 23, 2019
Poetry from Jeannie Sieck , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

We the people have angered Mother Nature She has thrust severe storms upon us Creating a holocaust of hardships and loss to mankind. We were warned.

We the people took away the rich black Earth dumping and applying poison killing Natures gift of land to grow our food to feed The world. We were warned.

We the people took away the flowing body Of life, Water. We deposited a magnitude of infectious garbage in to the clear pure life-line of All living things, creating a cesspool of poison water. We were warned.

We the people took away the fragile fiber of the precious crystal of clean oxygen. We discharged, bombarded and released filthy parasites, gases and poison into the air insulting civilization to deadly sickness and crippling the ability to breath to all living things. We were warned.

We got a spanking and a message to wake up and take care of our planet. There is a strict moral code of harmony and justice for all living things. Mother Nature is a kind and compassionate Caretaker and very forgiving, so naturally she sends the sun.

"Here comes the sun" shining so warm and bright Giving hope and strength to all living. Look listen and take action to respect your planet and its people for a long long time.

"Here comes the sun," smile, breath and believe all is well.



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