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Nostalgia, 101

Take A Mulligan

June 2, 2019
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

For the last month or so, nostalgia has been ever so present. First, I'm gearing up for my 50th High School Reunion at South Tama. Wow! Secondly, my nephew, T.J. Jacobi passed away and I was honored along with Deacon Joe Behounek to help with his funeral. And finally, just last weekend, Deb and I journeyed again to Chelsea to decorate the graves of our loved ones both at St. Joseph's and Rector Cemetery. Oops, almost forgot that Chelsea was coming close to being under water........AGAIN!

First, the 50th High School reunion. To all my '69 classmates, "Can you believe its' been fifty years?" Are we really this old? Heck, after two knee replacements, hardly any hair on my head, my memory pretty much on vacation and perhaps a few extra pounds around the middle, I haven't aged a bit!!!!

Do you remember those high school dances in Toledo? How about a great tenderloin at the Trojan Inn or maybe even a real McCoy Cherry-Coke from the Tomahawk in Tama? And who can forget those late burgers and fries at King Tower!!! I also remember Tom Fetter and I stopping at the Royal Dairy for a thick, delicious chocolate malt before heading back to Chelsea on the Activity Bus and guess what..............that huge malt cost only 25 cents. Ah, the good ol' days, right?

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John Sheda

Also remember warming the bench with Bruce, Jerry and Hank during our high school basketball days. Go Trojans!!! I had a twenty-point average!! When we either got ahead or behind by twenty points, I heard Coach Hall's wonderful voice, "Hey Sheda & Weir, you're in the game."

Sadly about a month ago, my sister called and said her son, T.J. had died of a heart attack. It was a sad time for all of our family. No parent should have to go through this and sadly this would be her second son.

The funeral was at St. Joseph's Church in Chelsea with Deacon Joe Behounek officiating. I was also asked to help out which I was greatly honored to do. It's interesting and often sad that getting together with family and old friends often-times is set around funerals, weddings and reunions. We chuckled at the thought, that today, Joe is a Deacon in the Catholic Church and I am a Pastor of a Pentecostal Church. Those who possibly remember us some 45-50 years ago would not believe anything like this would be remotely possible.

We enjoyed, along with many members of the "unofficial" Chelsea Gang, some wild times at the Silver Dollar, Holiday Lake, the old county roads, hay rides, etc, etc.....And we survived!!

And finally, last Sunday, Deb and I returned once again to Chelsea to visit both cemeteries and place flowers on the graves of our loved ones. Sadly, this year we added T.J. to the ever-growing list of graves we decorate. Every year we come down, decorate the graves and share with each other happy memories of those we loved and cherished so much. It's important to do this because it keeps us anchored in to our Chelsea heritage. We need and desire so much remembering this great little town, just as you do remembering yours.

This year we were pleasantly surprised to see my sister at St. Joseph's Cemetery and Deb's nephew and his family at Rector Cemetery. Laughing and sharing memories with both sides of our family was a special treat. And before I go, Kudos to the caretakers of both cemeteries for having them look so beautiful year after year.

Now Deb and I every year are faced with a dilemma; where to be buried when that time comes.....................(I assume quite responsibly that it will). Should we be buried in Independence where we have been for some 40 years or should we come back to our roots here in Chelsea?

If we decide to come back to Chelsea..............WHERE? St. Joseph's or Rector? Would either accept us? Not sure if either of us can be buried at St. Joes and not sure if a Sheda would even be welcome at Rector.

Maybe me at St. Joe's with my family and Deb at Rector with her family? Then again..............WHO CARES????

Let me know what you think at or call me at 319.327.4640



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