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End of the School Year Test

Take A Mulligan

June 9, 2019
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

School kids throughout Tama County are finished with school for the next couple of months or so and each one brought home that coveted Report Card which showed whether on not they were being elevated to the next grade..............upward, of course. With that in mind, readers of "Take A Mulligan" must also take a general trivia and educational test to see if they qualify to continue reading this column or not. We don't just let anyone peruse Take A Mulligan with no consequences. No slouches, no bribes, no cheating allowed. Are you ready???? Answers are posted at the end of article

Ever notice the rainbow in the sky every now and then? How many colors are there in that rainbow?

Always loved the Flintstones. Do you know what Fred wore around his neck?

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John Sheda

Do you wonder if this column has been around for a millennium? How many years would that be?

Mickey Mouse's first name wasn't always Mickey. What was his original first name?

Always ask this one......counting from 1-100, how many 7's would you pass along the way?

Think quickly on this one, how many months have 31 days? How many have 28?

For you Beatles fans, which Beatles song lasted the longest on the charts for 19 weeks?

Name the seven dwarfs. And John is NOT one of their names!!

There's the Indian Sea, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and so on but where is the Sea of Tranquility?

I was playing golf with one of the Geezers and he challenged me to a duel. His choice of weapons was a "falchion." What was that?

For all you Elvis fans...............What year did he die???

Which Chess piece moves only diagonally?

Hmmm, the Mississippi or the Nile? Which river is the world's longest? Maybe neither.

Don't go to the junk drawer looking for one but just how many curves does a standard paper clip have?

Another one for the Geezers. What is the highest score a golfer made on a par 4 hole in a PGA Tournament?

And one for extra points .................Name the ways you can cook and eat eggs????

Well, good luck to my Tama News-Herald friends. I sure hope everyone passes so you may continue being faithful readers of this column.

Let me know how you did at or call me at 19.327.4640. Me?

I love my eggs easy over!!

By the way, I wish Nancy Sund the very best in her retirement and her next phase of life.

7 colors

A tie




7 (they all have 28)

Hey Jude

Sleepy, sneezy, happy, grumpy,doc, dopey, bashful







Kevin Na shot a 16 on a par 4 hole on April 14, 2011.

Hmmm.....hard & soft boiled, poached, scrambled, sunny side up, easy over, omelet, deviled, over medium, over hard, etc etc



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