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Things I have learned

Take A Mulligan

June 23, 2019
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Ya know, after inhaling & exhaling for some sixty-seven years, you'd think a guy should have learned some things along the way. Haruumph! Well, I have. And whether you like it or not, I'm gonna share them with you. And maybe, just maybe, you might take a moment of your precious time, (har har), and share something you have learned.

A lot of the things I've learned over the years certainly are not for a family newspaper but every once in a while, we all learned something worthwhile, didn't we?

Well, maybe not.

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John Sheda

But between growing up in Chelsea, graduating from South Tama, pit stops in Marshalltown, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and now hanging out in Independence, here's what I've learned so far:

The older I get, the better I was.

That worrying really does work. 99% of things I worried about never happened.

I've never actually grown up, but for the most part I can behave in public--sometimes!

That whatever line I'm in is always the slowest line....even when I change lines.

That colleges should offer courses and degrees in Common Sense.

Don't use Facebook to air your dirty laundry or spout out your political thoughts and opinions. We don't care!!

Quitting smoking is the one very best thing you can do for yourself. And you can do it!!

That angels do sometimes inhabit human forms.

Every now and then quietly buy someone's lunch. You'll feel good, albeit a little poorer.

Opening your mouth without thinking first usually is a bad idea.

Sunshine does do a lot for one's attitude and disposition.

That those putts you leave short of the hole very seldom go in.

Prayer works!!

Not all, but most rules were meant to be broken.

Happiness and joy for the most part are a choice.

Be a little careful what you do in public. Some will take your picture!!

Nobody is normal--except ME!

Everyone is going through some kind of difficulty. Be an encourager.

When your wife thinks it's hot in the house and she wants to turn the air on---don't argue with her.

Not having car payments is worth driving that old car.

People who gossip about others to you will gossip to others about you!!

That you shouldn't compare yourself to others. Heck, they're probably more screwed up than you are!!

You don't get today back. Learn to laugh a little, love a lot and learn something useful!

Take about 10 minutes or so every day and just kick back and enjoy life. Think on some good things.

And finally, after 67 years, I've learned that my God and my Family are the two foundations I stand on.

So, what are some things you've learned? Let me know at or give me a call at 319-327-4640.

See ya on the golf course!



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