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Toledo Police Blotter

July 18, 2019
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Thursday, June 27

Assisted Toledo Ambulance in the 500 Block of South Willow Street

Report of three children that left Kids' Corner Daycare not in proper child restraints. Unable to locate

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Report of a loose dog at Arrowhead. Took it back to its owner

Alarm going off in the 1000 Block of Highway 63 south. Found it was a worker that accidentally set it off

Friday, June 28

Theft investigation.

Assisted Public Works with debris in the roadway, 600 block of S. Main.

Assisted Tama Police with a possible intoxicated subject, STC Baseball Complex.

Theft report, victim complained that money was taken out of his bank accountant without his knowledge, it was later determined that the victim's power of attorney had moved the money to a different account.

Case follow up, property returned

Routine Patrol/ Stationary Radar

Traffic Stops: 400 block of Vine St., verbal warning for speed; S County Rd. and W Summit, verbal warning for equipment violation-with Tama co. Sheriff's Office; Business 30 and Oakland Dr., verbal warning for stop sign; N County Rd. and Washington, verbal warning for speed with Tama Police; WY 30 at the 203MM verbal warning for speed; S County Rd. and Summit, verbal warning for speed

Assisted Tama PD with a medical call in the 1900 block of 340th St., child was having a hard time breathing and was transported to the hospital by the Tama Ambulance service

Tama PD assist, noise complaint of fireworks on the Tama Toledo city line, warning was given.

Reckless driver, HWY 30, . Unable to locate

Suspicious person in the 200 block of Harrison, was unable to locate

Saturday, June 29

Report of trespassing, 200 block of N. County Rd, investigation continues.

Report of a stolen vehicle, vehicle located in Traer and returned to owner, investigation continues

Report of a gas drive off- Casey's, determined it was not a theft but a clerical error

Fire alarm, Tama County Jail

Assault call in the 400 block S Main, a juvenile assaulted another juvenile, report initiated

Noise complaint, Dougs Mobile Home Park, kids playing with fireworks. contact was attempted

Traffic Stop: Business 30 and Oakland Dr., verbal warning for equipment violation...43

Suspicious Person, Fareway Firework Stand, Owner passed along some information about vehicle casing firework stands in south western Iowa

Assisted The Tama Police Department with a Domestic Disturbance, call was later determined to be a fight. Tama co. Sheriff's Office also assisted

Sunday, June 30

Motorist assist- motor home pulling car MM 201 W/bound HWY 30- car dollie lost tire

Medical Assist - 400 block S Elm

Traffic Stop- warning, cracked windshield

Suspicious activity - 700 block Courtland- 3 male Hispanics, all age 17 in a shed out in back yard- no evidence of illegal activity- same juveniles being dealt with in Toledo, Tama and county lately- talked w father, he is going to shut the little party shed down and have talk w his own son. Tama Police assisted

Medical assist-Prospect apartments- child choking- no issues, medical checked him out

Harassment call in the 100 block of Elm St.

Noise complaint, located subjects lighting off fireworks on S Prospect Dr. and 1st Ave.

Possible Intoxicated male walking west on Business 30, subject located Business 30 and 305th St. Subject was arrested for public intoxication.

Monday July 1, 2019

Welfare check at Arrowhead: two arrested. Tama Police assisted

Medical assist Tama 6th/harmon

Traffic Stops: Hwy 30 202: headlight; Meskwaki Nation Tribal Police assist w ith suspicious vehicle on hwy 30 to mile marker

Tama assist w/ suspicious vehicle at co-op: ewas okay.

County assist accident at F Ave / U.S. Highwy 30

Welfare check at Kwik Star with children left in car: Dept. of Human Services contacted


Welfare 100 blk E High

Tuesday July 2

Responded to Kwik Star for a person failing to pay gas, subject paid before my arrival

Criminal Mischief, 500 block of E. State

Vehicle travelling on the wrong of Highway 30

Traffic Stops: 800 blk S County Rd: Ro not valid: ro cited for no driver's license; 100 blk W High: no taillights; 3rd/ Harmon, Tama- registere owner not valid to driving cited for driving while lciene suspended- Tama Police assisted

Suspicious vehicle business 30 reckless driving: located @ E 8th: jail OWI-Tama Police assited

Horses loose K Ave - 310th: horses returned home. Tama Police, Tama Co. Sheriff's Office assisted

Wednesday, July 3

Parking complaint, 400 block of E. Washington, citation issued

Multiple civil papers

Assisted Tama Police, upon request, with an intoxicated subject at the Country Club

Dogs at large, Highway 30 at the 202, unable to locate

Dog at large, 700 block of E. High, unable to catch, last seen travelling west out of town.

Civil attempts for the City of Toledo

Traffic Stop, 310th and K Ave, verbal warning for failure to maintain lane also consent search...43, 45

Traffic Stops: W Ross and Armwood, verbal warning for speed, cited for no insurance and fraudulent registration; HWY 30 at the 202 on ramp, cited for no registration

Noise Complaint, arrowhead, issued a verbal warning for firework

Traffic Stop, S County Rd. and Ross, verbal warning for registration

Possible Drunk Driver leaving the casino, unknown what direction

Business checks

Broken down vehicle on HWY 30 at the 202, assisted a lost driver

Thursday, July 4

State and Elm- brown and white pit mix,subject may need citation- neighbors said we have been there several times recently, but could not find any calls for service newer than 2016; car there needs abatement notice

Self reported- talked to subject walking dog without leash- he was warned and also warned about cleaning up after dog

Walk in- phone scam- gave them advice

Arrest= male subject= violation no contact order, five active warrants, transport to Tama County Jail .

Traffic Stops: warning wrong registration sticker; 800 block of W Ross, verbal warning for speed; W Ross and S Prospect, verbal warning for speed; Toledo Heights, verbal warning for speed; HWY 30 at the 202 ramp, verbal warning for speed

Dog call-700 block E College- belonged to Mr. Schrock

Foot Patrol at Toledo Heights for fireworks

Noise complaint, fireworks, made multiple contacts with people on city property about fire works

Noise complaint, fireworks, Arrowhead, made contact with manager

Public Assist, Toledo Heights, lost wallet.

Motor vehicle incident, 800 block of W Ross, report taken

Public Assist, assisted a male by giving him a ride home to Arrowhead

Suspicious Vehicle, Arrowhead trailer court, everything was okay

Friday, July 5

Stoplight Festival patro

sTEP enforcement.

Juvenile issue: Toledo Heights

Runaway at Columbian Ct: located.

Traffic Stops Big T: display of plates: citation insurance;12th/Park: driver not valid: jail driving whilel icense reovked; Hwy 30 203: headlight; 1000 blk S County rd: headlight; Business 30/ Grandview: expired registration: citation; wy 30 202: non registered vehicle: citation; Hwy 30 204: speed; Hwy 30 204: headlight

Fireworks 200 blk N Main: advised to stop

Fireworks 700 blk E Harrison: advised to stop

Reckless driver AA Ave: unable to lcoate

Subject walking in dark clothing on Hwy 30 / H Ave: ran out of gas: got a ride

Tama PD assist: intox subject at Lincoln Savings Bank: jail

Public assist 800 block N Court: subject passed out in the back yard: was okay

Saturday, July 6

Animal at large / Animal bite: 400 blk N Center. Animal taken to Humane Society. Charges pending

Traffic control for 5k run

Animal at large: 700 blk Country View Dr. Animal taken to Humane Society. Charges pending

Traffic stops: warning .. no plates.- recently purchased; warning wrong registration sticker ... citation no valid DL

fireworks- 1400 block S County Road- unable to lcoate

Agency Assist-Tama officer was busy- loud party in parking lot of Crown Point Apartments... broke up before I got there

Agency Assist- looking for subjects on foot that may be entering town on foot from accident near Otter Creek

Vandalism- 700 block E Courtland-vehicle window broken out- possibly high school retaliation for past incident

Sunday, June 7

Traffic Stops: Hwy 30 203: speed: citation; 1000 blk S County Rd: headlight- S County Rd: no plates: OWI arrest

Tama PD assist traffic stop at Ace: driving whle lciense suspended and wanted

Tama PD assist looking for truck that was pursued last night: unable to lcoate

Assist Meskwkai Bation Tribal Police with drug issue

Monday, July

Case work and interviews with subject about a harassment case. Tama Police asissted

Traffic Stops: S Main and W Mill, verbal warning for having sliding doors open while driving; 310th and K Ave., verbal warning for equipment violation' Shopko parking lot, verbal warning for equipment violation, citation for driving while suspended and no insurance- Tama Police assisted; W High and Broadway, verbal warning for equipment violation; Business 30 and S County Rd. verbal warning for stop sign; Business 30 and Oakland Dr. Tama, verbal warning for speed; Business 30 and Oakland Dr., verbal warning for speed; Casey's Toledo, verbal warning for speed; Business 30 and B St. verbal warning for equipment

Noise complaint, 300 block of Mason St. spoke to individuals about letting off fireworks

Public assist, Tama County Sheriff's Office, spoke to an individual and helped him with some infomation

Assisted Tama County Sheriff's Office with a unruly subject in the Jail.

Intoxicated subject walking west on business 30, time delay of 10mins, unable to locate

Assisted Tama County SO with a unruly subject in the jail

Broken Down vehicle, HWY 30 at the 203 MM, everything was okay

Tuesday, July 9

Report of an abandoned 911 call from the Toledo Hotel. Checked the place and couldn't find the source

Report of a violation of a no-contact order from the 200 Block of North East Street

Report of an abandoned 911 call coming from the 400 Block of Business Highway 30. Checked the restaurant as I thought it was coming from there, but it was not. Checked other areas, but unable to lcoate

Assisted Toledo Ambulance at Arrowhead

Abandoned 911 call coming from the 500 Block of South Church. Checked the area; unable to locate. Ended up finding it at the restaurant in he 400 Block of Business Highway 30 West. The phone had an issue and was stuck on 911. Had the battery removed

Wednesday, July 10

Assisted Toledo Ambulance in the 300 Block of North Main Street

Public assist in the 200 Block of North Church Street

Stopped a golf cart with two juveniles occupying it. Both were 13 years old. Informed the parents of the rules regarding the golf carts

Willow Apartments: subject with bat- Tama co. Sheriff's Office assissted

Traffic Stops Hwy 30 204 EB: third brake light; 300th / 63: registered owner has surrendered driver's license but Iowa plates: registed owner valid in Georgia; Hwy 30 205 EB: no taillights: Hazard lights worked; Hwy 30 205 EB: speed; W Ohio/ 63: taillight


Warrant check 400 blk Commercial: unable to locate

Suspicious vehicle Toledo Heights: doing adult things, advised to leave


Assault report initiated

Public assist at Willow



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