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City Council to mull over Tama Library repairs

July 19, 2019
By Allison Graham - The News-Herald ( , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

"I think everyone is wanting to know what's next. We got the information from the architect and I haven't heard any more on what direction we're going. I think the dilemma is no one really knows who is in charge, if it's the library or the council," said City Clerk Alyssa Hoskey. Tama City Council members Emily Babinat, Robert Tyynismaa, Doug Ray, Aaron Haughey and Kenny McAdoo were all present to discuss the concerns on Monday at a regular council meeting.

Hoskey is referring to the library repairs brought before the council in October of 2018. Concerns raised included issues related to windows and leakage at the library that led the council to hire an architect David Schulze of AIA -TSP Marshalltown to look into the problem. Haughey informed the council in October there are also seams in the wall metal that have failed as well as caulking that has failed.

The architect has come back with repairs needed and now the council must decide what to do but there has been some question over who actually makes that final decision, the council or the library board.

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Allyssa Hoskey
Tama City Clerk

Rathjen advised it was up to the council it is a decision for the council. "You're the one who controls the purse strings and approves the budget so it would fall to the city council to be the final person or entity to decide and I'm sure as always you will give consideration to the wishes of the library," said Rathjen.

The library has also received a grant from the Mansfield Foundation for $30,000 however some of that was used to pay the architect.

The next step the council plans to take is for Babinat and Tyynismaa to attend the next library board meeting. They will bring their findings back to the next council meeting.

Public Hearing for

Alliant Energy Gas and Electric Franchise

Tama is now officially in a franchise agreement with Alliant Energy for electricity and natural gas meaning the company will provide these services for the City of Tama for the next 25 years.

A public hearing was opened and closed with no comments made. After hearing the ordinances read in full by city attorney, Dan Rathjen, the council voted unanimously to adopt the ordinances and wave the 2nd and 3rd reading.

Entering the 1% franchise agreement allows the city to use funds generated from agreement in a different way than previously before. Franchise revenues may be used for the following, inspecting supervising and otherwise regulating each franchise approved by the city; repair remediation, restoration, cleanup, replacement and improvements of existing public improvements and other publicly owned buildings and facilities; projects designed to prevent or mitigate future disasters as defined by Iowa Code; energy conservation measures for low-income homeowners, low-income energy assistance programs and weatherization programs; public safety including equipping of fire, police, emergency services, sanitation, street, and civil defense departments; establishing construction, reconstruction, repair, equipping, remodeling, and extension of public works, public utilities, and public transportation systems; the construction, reconstruction or repair of streets, highways, bridges, sidewalks, pedestrian underpasses and overpasses, street lighting fixtures, public grounds, and the acquisition of real estate needed for such purposes; property tex abatements, building permit fee abatements and abatement of other fees for property damaged by a disaster, as defined in Iowa Code; economic development activities and projects.

Water and Sewer Schooling

An agreement between the city and Nick Peshel will be modified by Rathjen after it was discovered the cost of his schooling was higher than originally thought. The cost for schooling will be just over $13,000. Council also discussed extended Peshel's commitment as a city employee from four to six years. Peshel appeared to be in favor of those changes. The ultimate goal is for Peshel to obtain a Grade 3 Water License.

Fountain at Oak Park

McAdoo requested the fountain at Oak Park to be put on the agenda as it has been broken for a year and a half and is wanted to know why no repairs had been made. Public Works staff member Stuart Eisentrager responded to McAdoo's question stating that he had asked McAdoo for direction but didn't receive an answer. Eisentrager will look into the issue. Josh Casey who was present for the meeting shared the Sons of the American Legion may be interested in helping finance repairs needed.

Josh Casey proposed a splash pad at Tama Park be considered.

In other business the council"

-advised Peshel to move forward with two sewer purchases one for a sampler and one for a scale. Total cost will be around $10,000. Final approval will be at the next council meeting as the council awaits a final bill.

-approved the quarterly reimbursement of $4256 to the Fire Department.

-heard the second reading of Ordinance No. 590.

-set a special meeting on July 29 at 5 p.m. The meeting topic will be property nuisance abatement projects.


Public Works Director John Lloyd shared the city is having the water tower painted. The cost is around $40,000.

Doug Ray raised a concern over fireworks around July 4th. There were a couple of garage fires that occurred during the week of the 4th. Eisentrager shared that the fires were the result after some citizens picked up debri from fireworks and placed the debri too close to their garage and a fire was sparked.



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