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Hillary Clinton’s “New / Old Deal” the

July 25, 2019
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

In this 3rd year of Hillary Clinton's "New / Old Deal" the economy is humming along at 1.6% of GNP. China has purchased our coal as we have changed over to 70% solar and wind. All citizens are getting used to electricity 16 hrs. a day. Justice Ginsberg retired and Wm. Clinton is the new justice.

President Clinton's plan of raising taxes on the "rich" and big business 20% per year is in it's last year. Many have left to more tax friendly countries but the same of our coal will more than offset our lost taxes. Since we have abolished ICE and the Border Patrol we will save on their salaries and benefits.

We now have open borders and anyone coming in are now "residents" and may vote.

Some of the Border Patrol is now part of the new BATFAG (abolish guns) who have been locating and destroying all guns since the gun control act of 2010 outlawed all guns. Special gun sniffing dogs have been finding hidden guns that felons (former law abiding gun owners) are hiding. Vets have been targeted because they are known gun toters.

Sec. of State Omar is in Palestine overseeing the turnover of Israel to complete the new state. Sec. of Health "Hotdish" Klobuchar has equipped abortion clinics with "pods" that babies born alive can be placed in. The pods are sound proof.

The Treasury dept. under Chelsea Clinton has been put in charge of aid doled out according to countries "donations."

More to come.

Tony Sheda

Wrenshall, Minn.



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