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Fifty years is a long time!

Take A Mulligan

July 28, 2019
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

A few weeks ago, the STC Class of '69 celebrated its' 50th year class reunion. Fifty years!!! It is said that "time flies when you're having fun" which means I must have been having tons and tons of fun. It seems in a snap of a finger, the past 50 years have flown by. This got me to thinking about all the changes we've seen in the last half a century. Cable TV, the Computer, cell phones and the like obviously have affected our lives but what else so we experience today that was unheard of 50 years ago. Be it good or bad, those days are long, long behind us. And progressed has, well progressed. Unless of course we really do miss the "good ol' days." Here are a few things I've noticed over the years.....

Speaking of telephones, how many of you still have a land line phone? We succumbed several years ago. ust for the heck of it sometime, take a "look-see" at all the people that are constantly on their cell phones. Kind of sad, isn't it?

Good or bad, (probably bad), we now have 24-hour news stations blasted into our living rooms. Everyone has their individual slants and the truth is seemingly an afterthought.

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John Sheda

Which then brings us to Facebook!! We get the good, the bad and so often the ugly through this medium. Tempers flare up, arguments ensue and sometimes friendships go kaput! It's nice for sharing some family pictures and other pleasantries but the other stuff often is uncalled for.

However, the birth of the "mini-skirt" 50 years ago was definitely a plus! All in favor of this say Hoo-Ray!!

50 years ago or so, a new home cost about 12-15 thousand dollars, gas was about 32 cents a gallon and a nice new car was around $3,000. What's a new car cost today????

Ya' know, with all the technological improvements in our weather knowledge, Dopplar radar and pin-point future cast, it's still darn near impossible to predict the weather. Good ol' Conrad Johnson was every bit as good as what we have today.

Remember bein' a kid years ago--playing all day long till the street-lights came on; respecting our elders; one-cent candy & baseball cards with a stick of gum to boot; all-day Monopoly games on rainy days; Camping out by the crick; playing "hide-and seek"; pick-up & unorganized baseball games and in Chelsea, we always had Chuck's Ice Cream Shop. What fun we had!!

Wonder if any of my classmates remember using the "Reader's Guide to Periodical Charts" for our term papers? Now that's homework.

Have you noticed that the "time-cherished" Christmas Cards are dying out more and more each year? We have Facebook of course.

Question for you: When you get an invitation via Facebook, is it a real invitation or should a real one be through the old-fashioned way? Hmmmmmmm.

One of the little excitements of life, (for me anyway), was when Mom ordered something for me from the Sears New catalog? It took about a week or longer for it to come but the anticipation was fun. Loved those catalogues. Today, it's Amazon and Sears died a few years ago.

In 1969 the world's population was 3 1/2 billion people and in the U.S. It was 200 million. Today it's almost 8 billion people world-wide and 327 million in the U.S. No wonder the elevator seem a little more crowded these days.

Not sure if it's just me and my age or a simple fact of life, but age 70 just doesn't seem that old anymore. My three siblings are all well into their seventies and well.............they look it!! I'm still the baby of the family and look pretty darn good!!!

Wonder how many of my 1969 classmates have a tattoo? Tattoos, once taboo, is now pretty common place. Two of my three daughters have them but alas.................Deb and I do not. So far anyway.

And finally, have you noticed that if anyone has a question about anything in the world, someone will "Google" it and have the answer in about ten seconds. The days of lying are over cuz it will be checked out.

In closing, I do not lie in any of my columns. Never have and (ahem) never will. However I have been known to sometimes embellish a story just to keep you reading!!!!!

Be blest and next year Deb and I will be attending her 50th year class reunion!! Can't wait.

Let me know of what you've seen over the last fifty years at or call me at 319.327.4640.



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