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If I ruled the world

Take A Mulligan

August 18, 2019
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Have you ever wondered what things you would change if suddenly you became the "Boss of the World?" You haven't? Hmmmmm...........I think of things like this from time to time. Ahhh, If I were the Boss, the Ruler, the Dictator of the entire world, the world would be in much better shape. At least I think so and I would be happy. So with that premise in mind, here are a few, just a few changes that would be made if "John Sheda was the Ruler of the World."

First and formost.......................TERM LIMITS WOULD COMMENCE IMMEDIATELY! In fact, there would be no need for term limits because every person elected would only get one term, thus eliminating the need to cater to the personal need to get re-elected. I would let my minions figure out the details but it could go something like 8-year term for the President, one 6 year term for the Senate and one 4-year term for the Representative. Once in..........DO THE JOB WE ELECTED YOU TO DO AND THEN GET OUT!!!

Every school in the USA would begin on the Tuesday after Labor Day and end on the Friday before Memorial Day. Absolutely no exceptions!!

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John Sheda

I would cancel Professional Wrestling. Done; Kaput!!

It would be illegal to use the "F" word in movies or even in public. What a disgusting way for people to talk.

And this one will make the kids happy--No Homework. Get the stuff done during the school day. Let the kids play when they get home. Play is so important.

As long as I'm here, no Pre or Pre-Pre school. Let's stop trying to push our precious children too much and too hard. Let them be kids.

There would be an immediate end to those "all-you-can-eat" buffets. We're just getting too fat! There, I said it!!!

Telemarketers could continue but they would have to give your their personal phone numbers too so they could be called at OUR convenience.

I would set up a new government department, the Department of Commercials! This group of "Hand-Picked" (by the Ruler, of course), would weed out all those terrible, terrible commercials, which by the way is about 98% of them. I would have to approve every new one that came along.

Meals would be calculated differently-Coffee, coffee, coffee, breakfast at 10; small donut at 11; light lunch at noon; snack, snack, candy bar, supper at 6:30; dessert at 9pm and one more quick snack right before bedtime. (Burp).

During Presidential debates, electronic devises would be connected to each candidate. If he/she deviated from the truth too much, they received a light jolt. The bigger the lie, the bigger the jolt.

Now this is just a start. I have many many more thoughts and ideas about this and I'm pretty sure you do to after reading my changes. Let me know several rules you would enact if you "Ruled The World."

Let me know at or call me at 319.327.4640. Love to hear, (zap, zap) from you.



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