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What a beautiful melody!

August 24, 2019
By Pastor Mike Nodland - Clutier Community Church and Vining Christian Fellowship Church , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

For many, it's nothing to hum a tune, whistle a song or sing a melody. But there are people who couldn't carry a tune without a radical, vocal transplant. They're my crowd. About the time we remember most of the tune, we've forgotten lots of the words; sowe make them up! In a quartet, we're the fifth person-we get to turn the song sheet pages. And if we ever tried to play an instrument, even hell may close its windows and slams its doors.

But I heard about a beautiful Melody many years ago. Friend of my sister, Melody had become a Christian, married and had several young children. Then she discovered she had a terminal cancer.

But Melody did a beautiful thing in her final weeks. She called everyone she could contact by phone. She asked them to forgive her for any offenses or sins against them! What a beautiful, final act to do.

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Pastor Mike Nodland

Melody recognized the deep meaning of why Jesus died on the Cross, and one of the most powerful dimensions of healing: forgiveness! We may not be able to sing very well, but it is in us to forgive. What would it look like for you to forgive someone today? Healing?



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