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Auto-Matic bloopers!

September 7, 2019
By Pastor Mike Nodland , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Confess it! You'd done some insane things under the authorization of the DOT's failure to spot someone who shouldn't be drivingwell, let me speak for myself, anyway. Charging out of the garage one day, I forgot that I hadn't raise the garage door high enough. Then you spend the rest of that car's life living down the tell-tale signs of the scratches and dent signs on the roof of your car.

Or the time you did a U-turn in the middle of the road, ending up in the ditch. What about the time you chased a raccoon through the back yard because he was digging up your garden? Or when you absentmindedly drove away with your Pepsi on top of your car. Or when you tried doing a figure "8" in the street with your Crown Vic just as the neighborhood cop pulls up? Hopefully, no one else saw you; or if they did, hopefully they will quickly forget about what they saw. There're no bragging rights in any of these!

Why does stupidity come so auto-matically? Like sin, it's just so automatic! Thanks be to God that His Son paid even for all our auto-matics-in ful

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Pastor Mike Nodland

Mike Nodland is pastor of the Clutier Community Church and Vining Christian Fellowship



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