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Explains Toledo dog attack

September 25, 2019
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Hello John Speer, I would like to give the public an explanation based on the past of events of late June where our dog had attacked an innocent woman.

We had never intended any harm during the time, we were dealing with family matters during the time and were particularly busy during the week, especially during the day of the attack.

Now, I'm the son of my parents and currently 14 living in a undisclosed location in Iowa City, and we did put down our beloved pet dog after he we found out the hard way. He bit my mom in a terrible accident, afterwards which we had decided that we take the advice of the community.

He was put to sleep during late August and was buried honorably in a mass animal grave where we parted ways during the 3 years we had him with us on this earth.

I want to clear my parents my parents name and apologize to those that we had caused unnecessary harm to during the chaotic day.

To the woman who was attacked, to the Shepards, to all the people in the Arrowhead community and causing fear, and to to all the officers and paramedics who spent time on an accident that could of been avoided by me.

I want to raise awareness to those who also own large dogs to secure them, and put inside with closed doors and windows, I would not want the same fate to happen to them. We want to bury the hatchet and end the hysteria.

One final message to Mr. George Kuhter and Libby Albright, thank you.

Pedro Gaona

Iowa City



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