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39 plus 19

Take A Mulligan

October 27, 2019
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Last Monday, I turned thirty-nine for the nineteenth time. You do the math. And if you really want to be challenged, do it the way it's being taught today and not the way you were taught a zillion years ago. Another year older and another year..................older! That's about it.

But over the years I have actually learned a few things. And here they are...................

Give people the benefit of the doubt. It's a lot easier to accept them if you do.

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John Sheda

With that in mind, don't let people ruin YOUR day. The days go to fast as they are.

Believe in God and expect the best from him, even if he doesn't always come through for you.

You were created to make a difference. A positive one by the way. So what you waiting for?

Love the journey you're on.

Trust your gut.

You are an important person but not that important. Get over yourself.

Love your family. Family comes first. Family does not have to have your blood.

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate..................something as often as you can.

Remember birthdays. My three siblings all remembered my birthday. Wow!!

Live to the best of your ability at peace with yourself and others.

If your gonna send a special occasion card, write more than just your name on it for goodness sake!!

Flip flops and shorts are the key to a happy and prosperous life. Wear them as long as you can. Except in snow!!

It's all relative. Think about it.

News Flash: Everything on the Internet just might not be true. I know. Hard to accept this one.

Stop smoking was one of the hardest things I had ever don't and one of the mostrewarding things. 2020 is your year to quit!!

You cannot, repeat,cannot change other people.

Rules are meant to be broken but don't get too upset if sometimes you have to "pay the piper."

Call those you love on the phone for no reason at all. Tell them you love them

God seldom gives you what you want but more often than not, gives you what you need.

Tell people, "Looks like you've lost some weight." They'll love it.

And finally laugh, laugh, laugh. Heck, laugh at yourself, a lot of other people do. What have you learned over the years?

Let me know at or call me a319.327.4640.



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