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October 26, 2019
By Pastor Mike Nodland , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Halloween is here! Or "All Saints Day!" or, in my house, it's my wife's birthday-October 31st! Marrying a Halloween baby, I thought it was fun to celebrate each 10/31 in fashion.

In addition to orange cakes and gifts, we usually have pumpkins decoratedbut that can bring back bad memories for her. Following Halloween one year, our pumpkins started turning bad on us, so my wife decided to take them down our very steep driveway for the garbage pickup. Early that morning, she decided to "sneak" down in her blue and white snowman pajamashoping no one would see her. The problem was that one of her pumpkins got away from her; and being conscientious, she thought to chase her bouncing pumpkin as it picked up heading downward toward a car coming up the street. I'll let you imagine the rest. It wasn't pretty.

Sometimes, you wished you'd wear a mask, just to hide the identity of the foolish thing you just did. The devil likes to disguise himself, gift wrapping sin. You might say he's disguised as "WOSHEEPLF"-a WO-LF disguised in SHEEP's clothing. Don't let him trick you. His treats are traps and his target is you!

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