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November 23, 2019
By The Rev. Mike Nodland , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

My wife loves to go to tremendous work to make our family Thanksgiving Days memorable. She decorates our home, fixes trimmings, grocery shops and sets the table perfectly! In the end, it's memorableuntil her turkey carver enters with his dull meat-cutting knife he's been meaning to sharpen.

Having the turkey cooked on one year, it sat steaming on our Duncan Phyfe table. If you're not familiar with that kind of tablewell, it's nothing shy of a glorified child's teeter-totter! On one end, I stood with the turkey and my gleaming, blunt knife, while our expectant guests and family surrounded the eventful carving.

Taking the tool in hand, I began cutting into the turkey, but as I cut or "carved," that crazy table began rocking up and down. The more I cut with that dull knife, the more violently the table rocked until that turkey ejected off the table onto my chairwhere I finished the job before the aghast eyes of our guests! But wait! It's not over. drew out several small bags of giblets we forgot to remove earlier.

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The Rev. Mike Nodland

It's a memory we laugh about today, shared with family. Make Thanksgiving a family time, thanking God for all His blessings!



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