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Chaos in the kichen!

January 5, 2020
By Pastor Mike Nodland - Vining Christian Fellowship Church , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

My wife is a great cook, but her health has limited her, so I thought I'd help make breakfast. Immediately, there's a case for concern. Grabbing her old, standby cookbook, I thought, "This cannot be that hard. After all, I know how to make popcorn, heat water and fix stoves." But the cookbook called for a "dash" of something I'd never heard of, a "zest" of one-half lemon and a "smidgeon" of something else that I thought was a communicable disease.

Pouring cold cereal and good old whole milk into my bowl, I sat down to decipher a more contemporary cookbook, figuring this would be much easier. The recipe included "1.07 liters" of soymilk, 250 milliliters of "castor" sugar, a gram of turmeric and preheating the oven to "Gas Mark 5." At that point, my cold cereal had become limp, my whole milk was warm, and my palms were sweaty. Then, the smoke alarm went off. Now, THAT I can handle!

My wife's health suddenly improved and I returned to the garage and threw out my "polymeric" metric measuring tape. Why do we make things so complicated? We're saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, alone. Period!



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