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System of Capitalism is inherently morbid and destructive

January 10, 2020
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

The New Year

By now, we should realize that the entire economic system of Capitalism is inherently morbid and destructive. The very survival of this system depends upon constant growth ... growth of populations, growth of wealth, growth of products, growth of consumption, and most of all, growth of benefits for the individual over and above that of the common good. Needless to say, this is entirely at odds with ensuring the survival of our human species, of all life on this planet, and the planet, itself.

However, since Capitalism has been so strengthened and so widely spread around the globe at this point, there is little hope that it can be successfully challenged or changed. The only reprieve might be that soon it will implode of it's own decrepit discord, and that the shattered pieces that remain might be picked up and reassembled into a far more positive and functional means of survival for life on earth while there's still something to save.

Our youth see it. Why can't we?

Mary McBee




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