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South Tama Middle School December Students of the Month

February 9, 2020
Biographies by: Eligh Branan, Mason Collison, Ashleigh Finch, Yoselin Garcia, Joey Hackenmiller, Millie Mathes-Henle, Braydon Th , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Anthony Viramontes (5th):

Congratulations to Antony Viramontes for receiving Student of the Month Award for the month of December. Anthony Viramontes is an 11 years old 5th grader. He lives with his dad and mom, Antonio and Eva. He also lives with his siblings Mahaby and Lexi. Anthony enjoys activities such as playing football and jumping on his trampoline. He describes his best qualities as being good at math, funny, and is a good friend and person. His advice to classmates is to help out other people.

Madlyn Miles (5th):

Article Photos

L to R: Jennifer Manzo-Herrera (7th), Anthony Viramontes (5th), Madlyn Miles (5th), Nicholas Backen (8th), Carver Cecak (6th), Travis Cecak (8th), Belle Werner (6th), Emily Carnahan (7th)
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Congratulations to 5th grader Madlyn Miles for earning Student of the Month for December! She is 10 years old and in 5th grade. She lives with her parents Mike and Amber, She also has 2 brothers, Michael and Dillon, and 2 sisters, Rose and Sarah. She describes herself as funny, talented, and artistic. Her best advice to all of her classmates are to do your best and follow #thetrojanway.

Belle Werner (6th):

Congratulations to Belle for earning Student of the Month for December! She's in 6th grade and she is 12 years old. Her family members are her mom Michele, her dad Eric, and her sister Hope. Her favorite hobbies include softball, tennis, gymnastics, volleyball, and golf. Her best characteristics are that she is smart, hardworking, and pretty. Her advice for all of the students is to always try your best.

Carver Cecak (6th):

Congratulations to Carver Cecak for earning Student of the Month for the month of December! Carver is 12 years old and in 6th grade. His mom's name is Shasta, his dad is Chris, his brother is Travis, and his sister is Serenity. He has 3 dogs named Stone, Beast, and Callie. His hobbies consist of football and soccer. His best characteristics are that he is happy, funny, and fun. His advice to his classmates is to stay on task.

Jennifer Manzo-Herrera (7th):

Congratulations to Jennifer Manzo-Herrera for earning Student of the Month for December! Jennifer is in 7th grade and is 12 years old. Jennifer's mom is Heidy Herrera. Her dad is Jorge Manzo. Jennifer has 2 siblings, Aylin Manzo, and Jorge Herrera. Jennifer loves to draw. Her best characteristics are that she is respectful, responsible, and very nice. Her advice for classmates is to follow your dreams!

Emily Carnahan (7th):

I would like to congratulate 7th grader Emily Carnahan for earning Student of the Month for December. She is the daughter of Mike and Sue Carnahan, and friend to pet cat Jasper. This student loves music, dance, and art. Congrats Emily!

Travis Cecak (8th):

Congrats to Travis Cecak for earning Student of the Month for December! Travis is in 8th grade and is 13 years old. Travis likes to play video games and football with his brother. He said his best characteristics are staying happy and having fun with his friends. He said his advice to fellow students is stay respectful, responsible, and build positive relationships

Nicholas Backen (8th):

Congratulations to Nicholas Backen for earning the student of the month for December! He is 14 years old and in 8th grade. His mom and dad are Dan and Deb and he had a brother named Zach and a sister named Lindsey. He also he has a dog called Gizmo. His hobbies are watching Star Wars movies and playing the trumpet player in band. He describes himself as smart, tall, and funny. His advice to his classmates is, "Before denying something, look at it from different points of view".



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